Monday, July 28, 2008

The Profession(s) And The 'Student As Scholar' Model

Question Of The Day

What Role(s) Should / Has A / The Profession Play(ed) In The Development / Implemention / Support of The 'Student As Scholar' Model?

While I am primarily interested in the actual/potential role(s) of the Library and Library Professionals with respect to the The Model, I am also interested in the actual/potential role(s) that the respective groups associated with a profession (e.g. associations, organizations, societies, etc.) have/ might play(ed) in advancing the 'Student As Scholar' Model.

I am also interested in the actual/ potential role(s) of Journal and Monograph Publishers in supporting The Model.

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Anonymous said...

Here at the Loyola/Notre Dame Library in Baltimore, John McGinty, the director, is hoping to digitize undergraduate honors thesis, and to make them searchable via metadata, similar to what we already do with dissertations.