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Reinvigorating the Undergraduate Experience

Reinvigorating the Undergraduate Experience: Successful Models Supported by NSF’s AIRE/RAIRE Program

Edited by Linda Kauffman and Janet Stocks, Carnegie Mellon University. [2004]

This 40-page booklet summarizes twenty successful models for undergraduate research, both in the classroom and as mentored undergraduate research outside the classroom. Each chapter includes challenges and how they were overcome. Some special topics are:
  • Research across the disciplines
  • Peer mentors and teaching fellows

  • Problem-based learning

  • Civic responsibility and undergraduate research

  • Research activities in the education of teachers

  • Undergraduate research abroad

  • Assessment of innovative programs

The authors include faculty and administrators from both undergraduate institutions and research universities. Each chapter represents a school that won a special award from the National Science Foundation for success in integrating research and undergraduate education. There is a forward by Joseph Bordogna, Deputy Director of the National Science Foundation, an Introduction by the Editors, and a Postscript by CUR’s National Executive Officer Elaine Hoagland.


Table of Contents

Foreword: Education in the 21st Century / Joseph Bordogna, Deputy Director, National Science Foundation

Editors' Introduction / Linda R. Kauffman and Janet E. Stocks, Carnegie Mellon University

Section I: Strengthening and Broadening Undergraduate Research Efforts on Campus

Research is Another Word for Education / Reed Wilson, Director of the Undergraduate Research Center for Humanities and Social Science ; Audrey Cramer, Director of the Undergraduate Research Center for Life and Physical Science ; Judith L. Smith, Department of Neuroscience and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, University of California (UCLA)

Establishing a Social Science Undergraduate Research Program / Joseph P. Joyce, Stanford Calderwood Professor of Economics and Director, Social Science Summer Research Program, Wellesley College

From Engineering to English: Encouraging Undergraduate Research Across the Disciplines / T. C. Werner, Florence B. Sherwood Professor of Physical Sciences, and Chistina E. Sorum, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty, Union College

Involving Faculty at Research Universities in Undergraduate Research / Janet Stocks, Assistant Vice Provost for Education; Jessie Ramey, Founding Director, Undergraduate Research Initiative ; Barbara Lazarus, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, Carnegie Mellon University

The Integration of Research and Education: A Case Study of Reinventing Undergraduate Education at a Research University / Wendy Katkin, Director, The Reinvention Center and Associate Provost for Educational Initiatives, State University of New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook

Peer Mentors in Faculty/Student Research Projects and in the Classroom / Peter J. Russell, Professor of Biology ; Jon W. Rivenburg, Director of Institutional Research ; Carol F. Creedon, Professor Emerita in Psychology ; Gena Anderson '99, Graduate Student, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley ; Natalie A. Yager '03, Graduate Student, Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences (MAPSS), University of Chicago, Reed College

Assessment and Evaluation of Innovative Programs: Measuring their Impact / Russel S. Hathaway, College of Literature, Science and the Arts ; Sandra R. Gregerman, Director, Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program ; Cinda S. Davis, Director, Women in Science and Engineering, University of Michigan

Section II: Developing, Supporting And Assessing Curricular Change

Priming the Pumps: Developing and Assessing Research-Like Experiences in Courses / Janice E. Thornton, Department of Biology and Neuroscience ; Judith Beinstein-Miller, Department of Psychology ; Tysza Gandha, Department of Psychology ; Patricia deWinstanley, Department of Psychology, Oberlin College

Scaling Up Research-Based Education for Undergraduates: Problem-Based Learning / D. E. Allen, Department of Biological Sciences ; B. J. Duch, Department of Mathematics and Science Education Resource Center ; S. E. Groh, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry ; G. B. Watson, Department of Physics and Astronomy ; H. B. White, III, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Delaware

An Agenda for Institutional Change / Robert J. Thompson, Jr., Dean of Trinity College ; Lee W. Willard, Associate Dean of Trinity College, Duke University

The Interdisciplinary Laboratory: An Integration of Chemistry, Biology, and Physics / Gerald R. Van Hecke, Department of Chemistry ; Kerry K. Karukstis, Department of Chemistry ; F. Sheldon Wettack, Department of Chemistry and Vice President / Dean of Faculty ; Catherine S. McFadden, Department of Biology ; Richard C. Haskell, Department of Physics, Harvey Mudd College

The Warm Little Pond and the Warm Little Planet: Research Inquiry for the Second Tier / Jan C. Weaver , Honors College and Environmental Studies Program ; Francis J. Schmidt, Honors College and Department of Biochemistry, University of Missouri-Columbia

Inquiry-Based Biology and Biological Chemistry: An Evolutionary Tale / Bruce A. Voyles ; Patricia Armstrong Johnson, Professor of Biological Chemistry, Grinnell College

Data Driven Inquiry: Reforming the Teaching of Science 101 Through the Use of Instructional Technology / Gregory D. Bothun, Department of Physics, University of Oregon

Teaching Fellows: An Innovative Approach to Facilitate the Integration of Research and Education / Philip J. Nyhus, Deartment. of Earth and Environment, Franklin & Marshall College, formerly NSF-AIRE teaching fellow, Colby College ; F. Russell Cole, Department of Biological Sciences, NSF-AIRE Project Director ; David H. Firmage, Clara C. Piper Professor of Environmental Studies ; Edward H. Yeterian, Vice President for Academic Affairs, NSF-AIRE Principal Investigator, Colby College

Section III: Reaching Beyond The Institution

Undergraduate Institutions as Catalysts for Integrating Research Across Disciplines and Communities of Learners / Susan M. Libes, Department of Marine Science & Chemistry ; Joseph T. Bennett, Director of Environmental Quality Lab, Department of Marine Science ; Sharon L. Gilman, Department of Biology ; Valgene L. Dunham, NSF-AIRE Program Director ; John P. Idoux, NSF-AIRE Principal Investigator, Coastal Carolina University

Connecting Civic Responsibility to the Integration of Research and Education: the High School Student Research Program Aboard the Vessel R/V Vantuna / Robert M. de Groot, Resource Teacher, TOPS Marine Science Experience ; April A. Mazzeo, Program Coordinator, TOPS Science Outreach Programs ; Chris L. Craney, Associate Dean, Professor of Chemistry, Occidental College

Research Activities in the Education of Teachers / Dean Zollman, University Distinguished Professor and Head Department of Physics, Kansas State University
An Integrating Culture of Undergraduate Research / Donald Cronkite, Department of Biology ; Janet L. Andersen, Department of Mathematics ; James Gentile, Dean of Natural Sciences, Hope College

Biomedical Research Abroad: Vistas Open (BRAVO!) A Program to Prepare Science Students for the 21st Century / Carol Bender, Director, Undergraduate Biology Research Program and Biomedical Research Abroad: Vistas Open! Program, University of Arizona


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