Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sigma Xi Undergraduate Research Survey: Conferences

Welcome to the Sigma Xi URS Undergraduate Research Survey conferences data collection form. We aim to collect information from undergraduate research symposia, conferences and similar events throughout the United States and beyond. Please complete as much information as possible. Your contribution is very much appreciated.

  • Name of event (symposium, conference, etc.). Enter the official title of the symposium or conference.
  • How frequently is this event held?
  • If yes, please indicate if this event rotates among different institutions.
  • Please select the response that best characterizes the geographical scope of this event.
  • Enter name of the primary institution hosting the event. If the event is rotating (i.e., from one location to another) indicate the institution at which the event was most recently held.
  • Enter where the event was held, including the city and state. If the event is rotating (from one location to another) enter the location at which the event was most recently held.
  • Please enter the primary professional association or organization supporting or hosting this event, if any. (If none, please enter "None")
  • Please enter the URL for the website associated with this event.
  • Please indicate the date on which this event was first held.
  • Enter the beginning date that this event was most recently held.
  • Enter the duration in number of days of the most recent event, including the first and last days.
  • Please select the option that best characterizes the management and organization of this event. This event was organized and managed:
  • Please indicate the academic level of presenters at this event. (Select all that apply.)
  • Please indicate the total number of registrants presenting in this event. Include only those participants presenting research at the event.
  • Please indicate the total number of people attending this event.
  • Please indicate the different disciplines expected to be represented at the event.
  • Please indicate the value of any sponsorship (US$).
  • Did the event receive any external (non-host institution) funding?
  • Please list the top five non-host institution sponsoring organizations.
  • Please enter your contact information in case of questions regarding this information. (We will not pass on your contact information nor make it publicly available.

Thank you very much for providing this information. Your work on this is helping to improve the knowledge of undergraduate research in the US and beyond.


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